Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Baby Quilt

I finished my first commissioned quilt! Good friends of my sister became parents and she wanted to give them a baby quilt.
For this I took some gorgeous birch fabric and improv pieced around it. This was my first try at improv piecing and I have to say that although I love the result, the process was quite tedious and stretched my patience.


back close up

front close up

ready to give away

Sonntag, 14. April 2013

Stash Note #2

In between Christmas and Easter I didn't find much time to sew. With this much work however,  I desperately needed to relax procrastinate every now and then. So no sewing but procrastinating - how does this fit together? -> project planning and fabric shopping.
I probably have enough projects in line by now to keep me busy for a whole sabbatical (not that I'm having one) ;).
So here we go: I show you all the projects I'm planning and you can point with your finger on me by the end of the year for not finishing half of them *g*.
First is an update on stash note #1. I bought more of this beautiful fabric by Pat Bravo and some oakshott "sand" as solid. These will make a starburst quilt for me.
Second are some sea related blue fabrics. On the left is Tula Pink's "Salt Water" and on the right Deb Strain's "Seascapes". These fabrics have quite different hues of blue/ aqua but I'm planning for a scrappy quilt ("trip around the world"), so diversity is an advantage. My stash also contains a lot of blues/ aquas that go with these fabrics. This quilt is supposed to be for my uncle, who loves blue and the sea.
 Third are some really beautiful fabrics in white/ black/ grey: "architextures" by Caroly Friedlander fo Robert Kaufman and "faux bois" by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. I don't have a particular project in mind for these, maybe some paper piecing. (I got them here)
These amazing fabrics are the Lipari line by oakshott fabrics. They're shott cottons with one direction in black so they have this dark shine and look different from every angle. This makes them the perfect fabrics for a "male" quilt (for Tino). The only problem I'm having with these is the combination with other fabrics. Bright solids would work without doubt but I want to keep it very male - meaning greyish dark. I bought some other fabrics (!) here that might go with them. I have to give them much more procrastinating thought:

Dienstag, 2. April 2013

overdue updates

Is it really that long ago that I wrote my last blogpost? Time flies...
I have been busy nonetheless, I just forgot to write about the projects (and to take photos in some cases).
So here we go:
First the projects I finished for Christmas:

A bowtie quilt for my grandparents. My gandma expecially likes how the backing goes with their carpet which summarizes quite well how the orange does not work with the rest. A lesson learned...
I made a weighed pincussion organizer with this tutorial for my mum.

A few days before Christmas I finally finished the top for the sew.quilt.give bee. Jenn was so nice to make it into a quilt and even made a second babyquilt with the spare blocks.
I did not take any photos and accidently deleted her mail with hers, so no photos now.

In February was my grandpa's birthday. To my grandma's regret he is a lover and collector of stamps. I made him a sheath to transport stamps. It looks like a pencil case and I worked along some tutorials on the net. In the end it was quite hard to make because I used a lot of heavy interfacing to make it sturdy and to protect the stamps.
Uh, and there are so many projects in the making and in planning that there will be more news coming!