Dienstag, 4. September 2012

Sewing for birthdays II

How does it happen that nearly all birthdays in our families accumulate in two months?
Tino's sister Maike also has her birthday in august. Her colours are rose and brown and she loves Paris. Hence the new Paris fabric by Westfalenstoffe was just the perfect choice for her. I added two other fabrics in rose and brown also by Westfalenstoffe of the classic line. This line is produced for over 75 years and it still has a modern feel to it (e.g. compare it to summerville).
For the pattern I modified this fabulous lunch-bag-pattern by wonderful Ayumi of Pink Penguin. 
I will not re-write this tutorial but I can say a few words about the modifications I made. First of all I started with larger rectangles around 12"x16" (30cm x 40cm) and adjusted the other sizes accordingly. 
For the handles I made 4 fabric strips the same way as for handles in the tutorial by Ayumi. I also made them long enough to be also fastened at the bottom of the rim (I figured that would make them more stable). It's a bit awkward to sew with the wooden handle connected to the rim. You have to do a lot of adjusting and pushing of the fabric. In most steps a zipper foot is very helpfull.
 Tino bought Maike two fluffy toy guinea pigs by Steiff. Don't they look adorable?

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