Freitag, 31. August 2012

Sewing for birthdays I

Uh, it seems I have neglected my blog a bit. But good news: I got a lot of sewing done!
Let's start with sewn birthday presents:
This blanket and bag were for Caro respectively her dog Punk. Punk used to be true to his name but Caro and Marc started intense training a few months ago and now he behaves very well. 
I used a cute fabric by Stenzo with poodle ladies. For the blanket I sewed the fabric as if I were making a simple pillow case. Then I stuffed it with batting leftovers and closed it. For the quilting I tried to fmq bones. All in all I'm pleased about how it turned out although some of the bones are a bit wonky. 
Punk seems to like it anyhow: 

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