Montag, 16. Juli 2012


We are on the road!
Our trip through Andalusia started with Cordoba.
 On the way to Cordoba we visited the beautiful village of Carmona.
Cordoba is an amazing town. There are still many roman artefacts and even more arabic ones. Expecially the Mezquita Cathedral is outstanding. Several arabic caliphs built a huge mosque (and included roman pillars).  When Cordoba was christian again, the spanish rulers built a rather ugly renaissance church inside the mosque. Hence the building is nowadays a grotesque mixture of different building styles.

Citylife is also very nice here, though more touristic than in Sevilla. 
Everywhere we have been so far the people are very nice and helpful. Communication is difficult though, since most spanish people speak neither English nor French. So we have to work with hand and feet which doesn't always lead to the results wished for. Two days ago we wanted to eat some tapas, looking forward fresh vegetables and ended up with this:
 It still was yummy. Guess next time we have to take our heavy tourist guides along. 
Today we are heading off for Granada.

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